On paper at least, pen telephones seem to be a superior strategy or else, why would additional than 2,000 men and women spend almost $150,000 into the Zanco Wise-pen on crowdsourcing platforms?

So when we 1st arrived across the Servo K07, we believed that it could be a stellar illustration of ink perfection, imbued with some intelligent good technology, for the discerning businessmen. The reality is regrettably, really far from that.

Billed as “the cellular cell phone that can be written”, which we think suggests that this is a cellular phone that can compose, the K07 is the only correct pen telephone on the sector. Compared with the Zanco, this one particular has a ball pen which operates even devoid of battery and a barely believable $27 cost tag attached to it. 

Ground breaking tech

Having said that, corners have been minimize to access that price tag position. It presents mobile phone abilities but only on 2G. No a significant concern to be sincere supplied that the 2017 Nokia 3310 was also a 2G gadget as properly. It can choose two SIM playing cards (of course, two) or swap one of them for a microSD card, an important add on as the K07 has only 32MB (indeed, megabytes) of memory.

It does have Bluetooth capabilities though as perfectly as tiny actual physical buttons that would demand some thing sharp and pointed – this kind of as a pencil – to key the cellular phone range in. There is even a digicam with a .3-megapixel resolution, voice recording abilities, a created in FM Radio and, surprise, shock, a flashlight. Shame there is no laser pointer though.

Finest of all although, it truly is accessible in a few colours: red, black or silver. We’re so intrigued by this spy pen-cellphone that we’ve asked for a sample for a brief palms on. Will it ever sign up for our most effective smartphone or best business smartphone purchasers guides? Continue to be tuned!

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