Best alternative operating systems | TechRadar
Best alternative operating systems | TechRadar

No Windows, no Linux, no macOS: is there really a desktop operating system that’s worth using outside of the big three? We’ve set out to answer that question, and while there are no absolute definitive answers here – everyone’s use case is different, after all – we’ve discovered ten distinct examples that fall outside the usual bounds.

There are descendants of UNIX, OS/2, BeOS and DOS, and operating systems which take inspiration from platforms as diverse as AmigaOS and Windows NT. Our list even includes a few true outsiders, independent operating systems built from the ground up which serve mainly to prove just how difficult it is to create an entire functioning OS without a large number of brains working on it.

Everything here can be tested reasonably within a virtual machine, so if something grabs your interest don’t hesitate to download and give it a try.


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1. eComStation

Stability and uptime, at a price

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