Boasting your merchandise is “unhackable” is a certain fireplace way to draw in the awareness of protection researchers aiming to confirm you incorrect which is specifically what transpired lately to the eyeDisk USB travel.

In its Kickstarter marketing campaign, eyeDisk claimed to be an “unhackable” USB flash drive that keeps “your electronic facts locked and secure, granting entry to only you” via the use of iris recognition technological know-how and AES-256 encryption.

The organization available a lot more particulars on how its USB drive is ready to fend off hacking tries on its Kickstarter website page, indicating: 

“We designed our personal iris recognition algorithm so that no one particular can hack your USB generate even they have your iris pattern. Your private iris details used for identification will never ever be retrieved or duplicated even if your USB is lost.”

Hacking the unhackable

In accordance to Pen Examination Companions researcher David Lodge, eyeDisk’s “unhackable” promises fall quick as he was ready to bypass the device’s stability measures quite immediately soon after acquiring one for himself.

Lodge commenced his exams on the gadget by plugging it into a Windows VM exactly where the USB travel appeared as a USB camera, a go through-only flash volume and a detachable media quantity. 

To start with he examined the eyeDisk’s iris scanner to see if it could be employed to continuously unlock the gadget and this aspect worked as marketed around two out of a few instances. Then Lodge tried using to idiot the product by using a image of his little one (who has a very similar iris scan) to unlock it and as soon as once again, the device done as intended.

Having said that, when the researcher began to examine eyeDisk’s software and hardware setup, the genuine complications emerged considering the fact that the unit is basically “a USB adhere with a hub and digital camera hooked up.” The contents stored on the eyeDisk push are unlocked when the authenticator factor passes a password along to the controlling software package.

Lodge employed the open-supply packet analyzer, Wireshark to see if he could sniff out the USB packets remaining despatched from the system. It was then when he recognized that the “unhackable” machine unlocks by sending these passwords in clear textual content. This means that its doable to attain the password/hash in distinct textual content merely by sniffing the USB website traffic despatched from the eyeDisk.

Pen Exam Companions attained out to the eyeDisk staff and the agency provided the complete particulars of the stability difficulties found to the producer who states they are working on a correct for the trouble. However, the true lesson listed here is that using the term “unhackable” is just an open invitation to hackers that organizations would be finest to stay clear of applying in the foreseeable future.

Via ZDNet

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