In November 2016, Nintendo introduced its pint-sized NES Classic, a mini version of its original property console that arrived absolutely loaded with its greatest games. The up coming year, Nintendo adopted up that retro console achievements with the SNES Traditional.

With Sony also becoming a member of the miniaturization social gathering, it appeared inevitable that Nintendo would go on onward to the N64 and GameCube, but Nintendo doesn’t appear to be specially interested in the idea. So it has fallen to admirers to create the mini gaming entire world that could have been.

YouTuber Madmorda a short while ago uploaded a video clip detailing her newest establish: a miniature GameCube. The creator stored the iconic console’s boxy/purple glimpse and also bought creative with its internals, employing a modified Nintendo Wii motherboard and creating a modified controller dongle. It also outputs with an audio jack and powers with MicroUSB.

Of course, it works like a appeal. And we want 1 ASAP.

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