Dyson vacuum cleaners have become some of the most highly-sought after items in the home thanks to their excellent build quality, suction power and eye-catching design. So where are the cheapest Dyson sales happening right now?

We’ve got you covered as we’ve just updated our guide to the best Dyson vacuum cleaner deals with our price comparison technology searching through the best retailers for the best prices. With some of the older Dyson’s being put out to pasture now, we’ve highlighted the most recent models, along with some of the older ones we still think are worth a look when the price is right.

Dyson’s cordless vacuum cleaners with a pole attachment are the most popular options nowadays, so that’s what we’ve covered first. And while all of the V-series models we’ve mention can also be used in handheld mode by removing the pole, there is a bespoke handheld Dyson called the V7 Trigger we’ve highlighted too. After that, you’ll find our picks of the best remaining traditional upright Dysons if you prefer the raw power and always-ready options provided by being able to plug-in directly to the mains at home. 

Dyson isn’t stopping with just vacuum cleaners too, the company has also made one of the world’s top rated hair dryers too. Take a look at the latest Dyson hair dryer prices too if you don’t believe us.

Dyson V11 Absolute

The most powerful Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner

Weight: 2.97kg | Charge time: 4.5hrs | Run time: : 60 mins | Bin Volume: 0.76L | Handheld mode: Yes | Suction power: Up to 185AW

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