Aurora Flight Sciences: Odysseus

Wingspan: 243 ft Weight: all over 2,500 lbs. First Flight: Scheduled “Spring 2019”

In November 2018, Aurora—now element of Boeing—rolled out Odysseus, described as a High-Altitude Pseudo-satellite. Aurora say it has the largest payload capability out there in photo voltaic aviation “55 lbs or more,” together with the ability to source 250 watts electric power to the payload.

The electrical power out there implies how effective arrays of lightweight photo voltaic cells have develop into. Getting able to obtain up every scrap of daylight implies that it can run in additional excessive latitudes, the place winter days are shorter, than preceding plane.

John Langford, CEO of Aurora, states they have been performing on the notion for “thirty many years or so.” The makers advise that as perfectly as providing communications for underserved regions, Odysseus would be helpful for disaster reaction, monitoring wildfires, flooring or earthquake hurt in actual time. It may possibly also be utilized to temperature analysis.

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