Thanks to its terrific digicam and mid-vary price point, Google’s new Pixel 3a and 3a XL smartphones have been reasonably nicely-received by the general public, however, that has not been the scenario for all users.

According to numerous reviews on Reddit, some consumers have started off to expertise random shutdowns from both equally the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, with a tricky reboot (at times demanding the consumer to hold the power button for up to 30 seconds) remaining the only way to provide the phone back again, as claimed by Android Police.

“I had 3 shutdowns yesterday, which includes above evening, causing me to miss out on my wake alarm,” mentioned a single Redditor, who also tried making use of the phone “in ‘Safe Mode’ to reduce any chance of a third party app leading to it.” In this occasion, the issue ongoing, which led the consumer to consider the difficulty is components relevant.

Even so, a different Reddit poster with the same issue pointed out that the issue only would seem to come about when their product is linked to Wi-Fi, and that “Leaving the cellular phone with wifi off appears to be to reduce the crashing all collectively.”

Another user who claimed the situation to Google says they ended up suggested to do a factory reset of the telephone, which has so far confirmed an powerful alternative. Some others have opted to return or exchange their handsets.

Google has yet to publicly accept the shutdown difficulty, so it truly is unknown irrespective of whether it ideas to difficulty a firmware update to solve it. The lookup giant’s past handset, Google Pixel 3, was plagued with early bugs, nonetheless, they were being finally mounted in a stability update. 

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