The U.S. Air Pressure disclosed an F-16 Battling Falcon jet fighter in a new camouflage plan that will be acquainted to Russian airplane watchers: a digital camo scheme that resembles the one particular painted on the new Su-57 stealth fighter. The two-tone gray paint work is pixelated in a comparable fashion to the most up-to-date Russian fighter plane.

The fighter, an F-16 belonging to the 64th Aggressor Squadron and assigned to Nellis Air Pressure foundation, was painted in the “Ghost” camouflage pattern. The style and design was chosen by a Fb poll carried out by Brigadier Typical Robert Novotny, commander of the 57th Wing. At Nellis, a paint crew proceeded to “mask, sand, clean, prime, paint and utilize stencils,” completing the course of action in just under one thirty day period.

The Ghost pattern is composed of both equally a blue-gray and light-weight gray, with the borders between the two shades pixelated for a striking outcome. The pattern was 1st observed on the Russian Aerospace Forces’ new Sukhoi Su-57 fighter, Russia’s first fifth-era fighter. The 64th Aggressor Squadron’s mission is to emulate Russian aircraft and flying techniques, educating U.S. Air Force pilots how to adequately respond and counter their moves. Giving an “aggressor” aircraft intended to emulate Russian fighters provides a amount of realism to training.

Su-57 showcasing the “Ghost” sample.

Mikhail TereshchenkoGetty Images

But the similarities in between an F-16 and Su-57 pretty substantially quit at the paint career. The F-16 is a one motor fighter jet to start with formulated in the 1970s and tends to make up the bulk of U.S. tactical aviation these days. The F-16 is a able aircraft but non-stealthy and will sooner or later be replaced by the F-35A.

The Su-57, on the other hand, is a huge, twin-motor hefty fighter designed with stealth in brain. The Su-57 was initially sighted in 2010, but has given that confronted a troubled production. Having said that, earlier this thirty day period, the Russian authorities amplified how lots of planes it would purchase from 16 to 76 by 2028. So this airplane will possible stay a fixture of the Russian armed forces for the foreseeable future.

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