Torguard has filed a criticism towards rival VPN company NordVPN in the Middle District of Florida on Friday 24th. The papers submitted allege that NordVPN has been guilty of a quantity of exceptionally severe malpractices.

These allegations include a profitable Distributed Denial of Assistance (DDoS) on Black Friday, wrongfully obtaining and using TorGuard’s confidential and trade top secret organization details to blackmail the company and coercing a 3rd get together into silence.

The accusations hinge on the purported ownership of regulate that Panama-centered NordVPN has about a Canadian world wide web hosting corporation referred to as c-Seven Media Inc.

NordVPN challenges clarification

We reached out to NordVPN to get their comments with regards to the lawsuit. A spokesperson for NordVPN presented us with the next statement which is released verbatim under. 

“All accusations are solely made up. TorGuard (although most likely by blunder) even filed a lawsuit in opposition to some Canadian world wide web style enterprise which we never ever listened to about. We acquired data that led us to locating TorGuard server configuration file obtainable on the world wide web. We then recognized that one of their servers was still left entirely unprotected and publicly obtainable for any person. It contained personal keys, scripts, and a quantity of other very sensitive information, which if misused, could have induced Torguard and their prospects some significant harm. We disclosed the vulnerability to them with the best intentions. It is a standard practice and just the correct point to do, but they decided to file a lawsuit for blackmail. We did not even want to make it community. We are really a lot wanting forward to the pursuing process. Also, now we have no choice but to take countermeasures.“

A website on the NordVPN internet site goes into further details relating to Torguard’s accusations. Not remarkably equally parties deliver completely various sides of the tale. The only point that they do agree on is that there has been get hold of in between the two firms but from there, their situations diverge.

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