Italian supercars from the 1970s and 1980s usually are not accurately recognized for higher establish high-quality. Their paint is no exception. The Lamborghini Countach you see in this article, owned by R&T contributor Matt Farah, athletics its first solitary-phase purple paint, which is slender and tough to depth the right way.

Larry Kosilla tasked himself with providing Farah’s Countach a comprehensive preservation element, with the target of making the vehicle appear like new without having stripping way too much of the paint absent. For the reason that the car’s paint is so delicate, this turns into a multi-phase, multi-working day procedure, as the car is cleaned, analyzed, and very carefully polished to perfection. Many thanks to the Countach’s numerous creases, a great deal of the panel edges require to be finished by hand, earning for a cumbersome, finger-numbing system.

Of course, the payoff for having anything right is immense. Right after the auto is comprehensive, the paint offers off a mirror effect, like it just rolled off the assembly line in Sant’Agata. We were currently jealous of Farah’s Countach, and now we’re doubly so.

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