What are the to start with matters that come to intellect when you believe of London? It could be the Royal relatives, and with that the glamor of penthouses, casinos, and swanky modern-day architecture that populate the city’s skyline. Or potentially it’s the gritty East End cockney geezers popularized by early Guy Ritchie movies and British hardmen like Danny Dyer. But if we’re speaking about the sound of London, it would have to be grime. Since the genre’s roots in the capital’s underground scene from the early 2000s, it has develop into a single of the most substantial musical developments inside the United kingdom for many years.

For new London-set PSVR motion video game Blood and Fact, made by Sony’s London Studio with an intention to authentically capture up to date London, obtaining grime as an integral section of its sound was consequently a no-brainer.

“You turn a corner from a penthouse and then you’re in a council estate, and no make any difference what road you are on at night time it’s nevertheless gritty – it’s gorgeous, and darkish.”


In fact, it is come entire circle for grime to be soundtracking a videogame. The style has its roots in the medium, its retro blips and MIDI seems a most loved for sampling, from Road Fighter II to ‘godfather of grime’ Wiley’s ‘Crash Bandicoot Freestyle’. Grime producer Sir Pixalot had even unearthed an obscure Wolverine Mega Drive/SNES video game from again in 1994, containing what may possibly be regarded the ‘to start with grime instrumental’.

It is a sentiment shared by Eyez who, alongside with other grime artists together with JME, Kamakaze and Ocean Knowledge, have contributed to Blood and Truth’s soundtrack. 

“I also deliver, so I use a lot of previous-school appears and seem effects you get from online games,” Eyex tells us. “Even grime itself was built from a system known as Fruity Loops (FL Studio), which is employed by gamers as properly, so a large amount of the seems in our style is from online games.”

You only reside grime

The game’s got a lot more bangers likely off than just the explosions (Image credit score: SIE London Studio)

Of program, the grime you hear in Blood and Truth has a main change. With an emphasis on immersing you as an motion hero in your have blockbuster, an evident influence was the sort of grand orchestral scores you get from James Bond movies. But as a large triple-A action video game in contemporary London, the builders strike on an notion of mixing classical strings and brass with the bass and beats of grime. Grime, coined for its gritty aesthetic, with output values like a 70-piece orchestra? As Dizzee Rascal could say, it seems bonkers!

Sceptics may possibly even see this as a corporate studio striving to make their recreation seem extra ‘street’ whilst at the identical time seeking to make it seem much more ‘respectable’ – you could even attract an allegory of the gentrification that London has gone through in recent many years. But for video game composers Joe Thwaites and Jim Fowler, it was definitely about combining two seemingly contrasting sounds to do one thing unique, and that was realized via collaboration. 

“We recorded the orchestra – strings, brass, and percussion – all individually in distinctive stems and then we’d give these stems to Zdot, who’s a grime producer, and then he would mainly remix them and make unique tracks,” Thwaites tells us.

It’s Zdot’s beats that Eyez then raps more than, punctuating critical set items through the recreation, these as a frenetic car chase shoot-outs. In reality, if you participate in actually very well, pulling all way of methods and headshots, not only do you maximize your gauge on the ‘badass-o-meter’ but the bass and beats get over as the soundtrack goes total grime.

For Eyez, the juxtaposition of orchestral grime truly suits London’s blended society. “You received the lower classes and higher courses aspect by facet,” he claims. “You change a corner from a penthouse and then you’re in a council estate, and no make any difference what avenue you are on at night time it is still gritty – it’s lovely, and dim.”

You might say the orchestra, alternatively than elevating grime, respectfully meets it on the very same degree, similarly to how Zdot can take the orchestral stems and subverts them. 

“Even while I do grime, I recognize audio in so several various methods, and I have labored with an orchestra when I was youthful,” Eyez elaborates. “In a studio setting, there’s a lot more to study musically, seeing how these musicians get the job done underneath tension and do things with their devices they really do not commonly do. 

“So someone’s actively playing a cello, plucking it and keeping it in a weird way, striving to make a grime sound which is like a game noise, which is not usually how you play it.”

Licence to blend

We’re used to car music in GTA, but Blood and Truth takes it to another level. (Image credit: SIE London Studio)

We’re utilised to car music in GTA, but Blood and Truth of the matter requires it to another stage. (Graphic credit: SIE London Studio)

Blood and Truth’s resourceful use of music also extends to its use of accredited tracks, which aren’t solely grime, these kinds of as an opening automobile chase soundtracked to Tim Deluxe’s dance ground banger ‘It Just Will not Do’ participating in on the radio. When it starts off like the sort of diegetic music you’d expect, the composers do something considerably more delicate by mixing the certified monitor with the orchestral score until eventually it miraculously transitions into the score itself – a genuinely immersive result in VR.

These kinds of a feat in essence requires producing an orchestral remix of the track, which implies getting the blessing of the track’s artists. 

“We had been definitely lucky to work on licensed tunes where by we had interactions with Sony labels,” clarifies Thwaites. “We ended up ready to build interactions with the artists of the tracks and they were being excited to have orchestral versions of their monitor. 

“A ton of them arrived down to the recordings too and had inputs on how we could it in unique instructions, so it was a really collaborative task.”

“I never believe any individual can say it is theft of our style or lifestyle – if anything at all, it is pushing our sound out to the gaming world.”


Considering the current controversy more than Fortnite stealing dance moves, notably kinds invented by black actors and rappers, the kind of collaboration with artists demonstrated by Sony is refreshing in comparison, a triple-A studio spending respect to grime. But then you may possibly say PlayStation has constantly experienced its finger on the pulse of the underground, harking back again to when it installed unique PlayStations in London’s Ministry of Audio and the club songs which soundtracked futuristic racer Wipeout.

Incidentally, Eyez remembers a tunes creation game he after had on PlayStation 2 where the default BPM was 140, the default tempo for grime, so in a way the two experienced subliminally always been entwined. 

“We’re actually lucky for Playstation to integrate our things into their generation,” he claims. “I don’t believe anyone can say it’s theft of our genre or culture – if anything at all, it is pushing our seem out to the gaming world.”

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