Choosing a great gaming keyboard can be a tough task especially when there are so many options in the market. You see, a good dedicated gaming keyboard coupled with a powerful desktop setup can make or break your gameplay experience. There’s a reason behind the existence of dedicated keyboards to assist players during games which is why investing in one can help you win you that match.  

Mechanical keyboards can drastically help you improvise in-game skills and even the reflexes. It’s the kind of keyboard that gamers usually swear by as they are more durable than others. In addition, there are a couple of factors that need to be taken into account while zeroing in on the keyboard of your choice. One of them is the type of switches that the particular gaming keyboard uses. There are keyboards out there with linear switches which don’t offer feedback when the keys are depressed and then there are tactile switches which register a keystroke by offering feedback when the key hits an actuation point.

We have listed below some of the best gaming keyboards that are available in India so that you don’t have to go through the whole ordeal of testing out different keyboards before you select one.

1. Razer BlackWidow Elite

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes | Programmable keys: Yes

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