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A Star Trek fan club that was just hoping to do a superior deed for the group unintentionally painted an Military tank the completely wrong color. The M41 Walker Bulldog mild tank, on display screen in West Virginia, is now brilliant yellow many thanks to a coloring error. The club, metropolis, and National Guard are all preparing to repair the tank and restore its appropriate color.

The M41 tank is owned by the National Guard and parked at the entrance to Bluefield, West Virginia’s Lotito Park. Earlier this 7 days, a photographer for the Bluefield Day-to-day Telegraph snapped a photograph of the tank with a new paint position, which the paper describes as “lemon-lime green”. Town officers reported that there experienced been no designs to paint the tank and they were being unaware of the change.


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The odd matter about the paint task was that whoever experienced performed it experienced naturally performed so with great care, painting in the strains. The only serious issue was the alternative of coloration, which was atrocious. As a final result, city officers have been unwilling to simply call the paint position vandalism.

After publication of the tale, an clarification speedily surfaced: The area university Star Trek club, U.S.S. Yeager Chapter of Starfleet International, had taken care of the tank for almost 20 decades and just lately concluded it wanted a new paint position. So the club sourced some paint from a community shop in “tank inexperienced.”

Upon opening the cans, nevertheless, the club was concerned that the paint appeared to vary significantly from the conventional olive drab—an olive inexperienced/brown/grey blend favored by the U.S. military at the time the M41 was in services. Bowing to abilities, the club sponsor said, “Surely it will dry the proper shade.”

Spoiler: It did not. The Trekkies are now trying to get new paint to substitute the old.

The M41 Walker Bulldog was initially released in 1951 into U.S. Army support as a gentle scout tank. The M41 served in Korea and Vietnam, and now is frequently viewed in parks, VFW posts, Army bases, and other locations.

Resource: The Bluefield Each day Telegraph.

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